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"Steve and the Windspeed team were instrumental in the early stages of VistaPrint. They recognized the potential of our technology as a force to change the dynamics of the short run, full color printing and graphics design market and helped significantly to build our business to address the opportunity."

Robert Keane
Chief Executive Officer
Cimpress Limited, F/K/A VistaPrint Limited



"Windspeed has been a great partner to work with.  Their efforts and unique hands-on approach and value-add have been instrumental in helping us become the leader in our space."

Mike Gadoury
Bradford Networks



“I’ve known John and the Windspeed team for 20 years and over that time we have co-invested in a number of deals together. What stands out to me is their honesty, intelligence, flexibility, and the fact that they are fun to work with.”

Paul English
Founder | CEO of lola
Founder of KAYAK



"The Windspeed team identified the value of the critical communications software we built and has been an integral part of growing our business since inception. Beyond access to capital, they have provided significant guidance as we react to market conditions and drive into new markets. As importantly, they’re network has added new team members with additional skills and experience as we become a leader in the fast growing IoT market."

Frank Greer
Chief Executive Officer
Zipit Wireless



“Windspeed Ventures was positively invaluable to my startup, Apps.com. They saw the opportunity where others didn’t. They gave us great advice, and they even helped us find and negotiate with our ultimate acquirer. I wholeheartedly recommend John Bullock and Windspeed Ventures as a superb choice for early-stage entrepreneurs."

Justin Fielding
Former CEO
Apps.com, Inc.



“The Comdisco Ventures portfolio is the last remaining substantial asset of Comdisco from which value must be derived. Windspeed Ventures has dramatically increased the value of this important asset in a very short time. I would recommend Windspeed as a portfolio manager to anyone looking for solid returns and strong administration with complete transparency.”

Randolph I. Thornton
President and CEO
Comdisco, Inc.



"Comdisco entered into a partnership with Windspeed to manage a portfolio of equity interests that arose from Comdisco’s investments in start up companies. The expertise and advice of John and his team at Windspeed resulted in favorable and profitable returns to Comdisco. I would not hesitate either to engage Windspeed in the future, or to recommend them for other types of portfolio management assignments."

Roberty Lackey
SVP and General Counsel
Comdisco, Inc.